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Gold and Gold Detector Multi Kruzer is characterized by its underwater detecting feature, supporting difficult terrain and metal identification, and works at a high depth in exploration.


Gold and Gold Detector Multi Kruzer is characterized by its underwater detecting feature, supporting difficult terrain and metal identification, and works at a high depth in exploration.

❖ Gold and metal coins under the ground and under the water and on the beaches Multi kruzer device The second version of the macro series After the Cruiser device, the device can search for gold and coins underwater under 5 meters depth, the device operates at multiple frequencies 5kHz / 14kHz / 19kHz to search for signals Gold Whether under the ground or on the beach or even under water, the macro plant developed the device to meet the needs of prospectors better performance, good depth and waterproof coil

Features and techniques of currency detector and metal Multi Kruzer

❖ Waterproof and reaches a depth of 5 meters below water The device is the first of its kind, which reaches a depth of 5 meters below the surface of the water to get those currencies that were lost from long time and even those dragged by water and reached the bottom of streams and rivers

❖ Ability to distinguish metals accurately The device works to distinguish metals from each other, which makes it easier to know if this piece of metal has a value without the shaft to dig and extract the piece. Here is the difference between it and the rest of the devices for the reason of accurate and certain readings

❖ High performance and depth The Multi Kruzer coin detector can reach and discover in depth no access to its detection device and looks at a distant depth with high efficiency and sensitivity which in turn gives clear results even with small currencies or currency parts

❖ Effective beach mode This is characterized by the possibility that the device can search in water bodies or dry areas such as sand and rocks where the terrain of the ground varies under the water, but lies the strength of the machine here where it fits with all the terrain and works the same performance and efficiency

❖ Enhanced search under the ground The device supports enhanced research under the ground to obtain the most accurate possible results, where the discovery and analysis of minerals located under the ground and mixed with soil and distinguish them from each other and know the quality of the metal

❖ Quick recall feature The multi-currency detectors and the Multi Kruzer feature the scanning of the areas where the exploration was carried out in advance, where the device to do a search and find coins and coins, which could not be explored by other devices

❖ The device has three stages of depth The device allows the possibility of adjusting and adjusting the depth to be searched according to the type of metal or target to be explored where it contains three types of depth, which can be chosen any depth, which increases the options for detectors and provided the option of depth to suit with all types of terrain and environment to be searched and the type of goals to be searched about her

❖ Contains 6 types of search The device supports six search options to match all types of minerals and terrain on the ground and on water bodies, streams and rivers

❖ Supports 2.4 GHz wireless headphones The problem is that the headsets of the wires are a barrier to the process of detecting coins and metals but with the currency detector and metal Multi Kruzer has been solved this problem where the device supports wireless headphones and operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency to ensure the quality of high voice and to meet all the wishes of detectors and without the back of the wire again

❖ Continuous updates to the online search system The system of the work of the device is accompanied by updates directly and continuously on the Internet to be downloaded on the machine and take advantage of the new data and information that is added based on the data of the previous research, which contribute to the development and increase the efficiency of the work of the device quickly and excellent and get better search results

❖ Vibration characteristic The Multi Kruzer coin detector is supported by the vibration feature to alert the detector to detect targets and get his work or metal parts rare even when the device works under the water to increase the alarm to the user

❖ Very light weight The weight of the device helps you to search faster and more comfortably. The weight of the Multi Kruzer coin detector is 1.4 kg

❖ Battery included with the device To facilitate the charging of the battery device the battery is integrated into the device so as not to become a barrier and easy to charge and carry with the device as one and up to extend the work until 19 hours continuous work

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