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Gold, Treasures & Coins Detector Lorenz Deep Max Z 1 is The most sensitive in gold and treasure detecting and it has the advantage of detecting the target at deep depths with precise classification of the discovered metal and ease of work in all terrain


❖The Lorenz Depp Max Z1 detector uses the latest systems and technology, which proved the best results in exploration and exploration for all the land contained in gold and precious effects and treasures and historical fossils The device was tested after long research on many distinguished and accurate versions on all terrain and terrain The new system is characterized by its ability to detect raw gold and metals for smaller sizes with the advantage of direct imaging a rigorous analytical program to highlight all detected by the device of metals and voids with determining the depth and feature GPS tracking system

❖In addition to the automatic calibration feature of the ground to ensure that the device is not affected by any interference caused by wet soil, mineral rocks or solid lands, the device operates with the Pulse Induction System (PULS INDACTION) It is characterized by the penetration of the ground to depths that are difficult for many devices to reach The device is turned on after connecting the main accessories namely the battery, speakers, search disks or deep search sensors as desired by the customer to search for deeper depths or depths Access to the main menu after the operation of the device and control the sensitivity level to choose the strength of the search frequency and volume level and light level and when the completion of the installation and the default settings of the device, is entering the automatic soil calibration and is easy and inspirational This feature exists only in this giant device The device works with a precise imaging program The information is stored for the area that the detector wants to explore and search The information stored in the flash memory is inserted into the highly accurate analytical imaging program, which determines the type, depth, size, and dimensions of the target in a 3D system that works on the device To illustrate the target graphic images is very accurate help to identify all target information easily and inspirational In addition to the possibility of locating any target detected by the GPS program in the GPS device


Features and techniques of gold detectors, treasures, coins and fireplaces LORENZ DEEP MAX Z1

❖ Sensitivity and accuracy in distinguishing different metals (ferrous and precious) The possibility of discovering large metal pieces and deep depths easily The maximum effectiveness of discovering gold coins or small pieces of metal or the possibility of ignoring them

❖Works in various environmental conditions and terrain of the ground (saline – mineralized – wet ..) The possibility of reading the indicator and time on the screen with accurate classification of the metal discovered

❖ Easy to use and operate with a few simple buttons

❖ Easy to set sensitivity settings and delay time to signal

❖ Customized search tablets (small – large).

❖ Custom sound settings with voice tone setting.

❖ Check the battery status with a beep tone.

❖ The battery is interchangeable and charging to use the device everywhere.

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