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Gold and coins detector Garrett ACE 300 contains modern techniques and it’s work with 8 kHz frequency supported with iron rejection and target depth dedicator to be easy to extract discovered gold and coins


❖ The detector of treasures, rare coins and metals was developed by Garrett ACE 300 of the best devices used in this field with high sensitivity and different research conditions to suit all kinds of climatic and earth conditions and the design of the modern and simple device to suit those new finders or trainees on the detectors of treasures, For its ease of use, its high efficiency and its quality, which is unparalleled in the discovery of treasures, coins and minerals buried underground

Features and features of a treasure detector and coins ACE 300

❖ The device supports five kinds of search The device contains five types of search for underground targets and in all climatic conditions ❖ The device has eight kinds of sensitivity settings To ensure that all the objectives to be detected, the option to adjust the sensitivity settings has been added to eight different degrees. The device supports the search of all soil, rocks and impurities.

❖ Iron separation The ACI 300 Coin Detector supports the iron separation feature that makes the device look for the targets to be searched only by ignoring iron or metal that can be recovered and searching for treasures and coins only.

❖ Works at 8 kHz frequency To ensure access to all targets buried underground, the device is designed at a frequency of 8 kHz to increase the depth of the search ❖ High accuracy In order to increase the chances of finding targets, the accuracy of the device must be increased in the search

❖ Different audio alert levels So that the alarm when the detection of targets to varying degrees to communicate the knowledge of the presence of the target better and according to different audio ratings and to support sound in different circumstances even those that contain high noise

❖ The depth of the detected target The target depth indicator located on the treasure detector and ACE 300 coins makes it easy to extract the target and reach it and follow the target until it is extracted

❖ Easy to use and smooth way to run it It is easy to use the detector of treasures and currencies AC 250 for the simplicity of the work of the device, which does not require more time in the control and configuration of the device and therefore it is suitable for beginners to facilitate the process of searching and discovery of treasures and currencies for the first time and contains the device a few buttons to facilitate the number of device settings

❖ A battery indicator that gives a clear reading of the charging level The device features an optical battery indicator that explains the charge of the battery and enables the user to follow the status of the battery continuously and know whether the battery is weak or not

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